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“You can because you have to”

I am a psychiatrist in NYC and Connecticut specializing in management of mood and anxiety disorders including, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, and PTSD.  I also have expertise in adult ADHD and eating disorders. I use a unique approach to treatment called Psych 360°™ that sets me apart from other psychiatrists in New York City and Connecticut. I help men and women take a comprehensive look at their nutrition, their fitness routine, the significant relationships in their lives and how they feel about themselves on the outside.   I use medication as a tool which frees patients from their depression and anxiety symptoms. This facilitates the exploration of deficits in their lives and the clarity to see where the struggles lie. MEET DR. WENDY

Psych 360º ™ is a philosophy as well as a treatment program. I treat all patients with a comprehensive approach. Patients can elect to be a part of the formal program or to be seen strictly for medication management. Click here for more info!