Service Area – Connecticut

Dr. Wendy Wolfson is a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist practicing in Fairfield, CT. Her practice is located in New Canaan, CT which is accessible from a variety of surrounding towns including Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport, Wilton and Fairfield. As a psychiatrist in Fairfield County, she is very experience in medical management of anxiety and mood disorders including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),  panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Dr. Wendy also had experience in treating eating disorders and adult deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

What is unique about Wendy is her Psych360 approach. Dr. Wendy talks with patients not just about their mental health, but about their lifestyles, as well. This means discussing topics such as nutrition and exercise, as both of these topics can heave a big effect on mood. As a psychiatrist in the Stamford, CT area, the business hub of Fairfield county, she is also skilled in talking with patients about their personal and professional relationships, and conflicts at work or home. This enables her to work with them to find the tools to resolve these issues. This more active approach is different from the traditional psychiatric model. Historically,  a patient talks to the psychiatrist who is there to listen and guide the patient so the he or she can come to their own insights and conclusions about where changes need to made within their lives. With the Psych360 approach, Dr. Wendy Wolfson aims to go on the journey with them, to attain happiness through a comprehensive approach.

In addition, as a psychopharmacologist in the Stamford area, Dr. Wendy prescribes medication as a tool that mitigates the symptoms which are getting in the way of the patient’s recovery. She sees it as an adjunct to the other care the patient will receive. Dr. Wendy approaches every patient as an individual and tries to tailor the medication to their specific needs.

To ensure your convenience, below is the information you need about her service area and contact information:

Main service areas in Connecticut:

      • – Stamford
      • – New Canaan
      • – Greenwich
      • – Darien
      • – Westport

For more information:

Dr. Wendy Wolfson
21 Locust Avenue, Suite 1D-3
New Canaan, CT 06840

Her office is located off Route 124 (Main Street) in New Canaan, and is also close to Route 123 and 106. It is also blocks away from the New Canaan train stop. Those coming from the Merritt Parkway should exit Route 124 North. Patients coming from Stamford can also take CT 15 North.

To make an appointment:

Phone: (203) 966-4255


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